CNAP Alliance is a nonprofit organization that promotes and helps develop initiatives and programs that provide information and educational opportunities related to issues critical to the general well-being and quality of life of individuals as they age. We work to support development of workshops, conferences, and programs through use of video conferencing and related ICT technologies that maximize audience reach and reduce attendance and production costs. Our goal is to expand understanding of key needs and interests of an aging population to inform those who are aging regarding their options and choices, and promote connections and networking of individuals and organizations working in related areas professionally or on a voluntary basis.

Videos from CNAP Alliance initiatives, such as the Future of Aging Program Series, can be found on the CNAP Alliance YouTube channel.

Further information on CNAP Alliance can be found on Guidestar, the nonprofit organizational certification, by searching for either CNAP Alliance or Community Networks for Aging in Place Alliance.

Dr Thomas Mottl is CEO/CoB of CNAP Alliance. Tom's professional background and experience can be found at linkedin/tomottl, and he can be reached at .